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Best Restaurant Suppliers - 2009

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Back in the old days we had very few choices on where to get supplies for our kitchens and restaurants. There were local stores, trade shows, and a few wholesalers who controlled the prices and the market in your area. The internet has changed everything. As a restaurant owner, I researched other options over the last couple years and have found a few excellent sources for all my kitchen supplies. There are great sites like Short Order with ultra competitive prices and free shipping. Stop paying extra for all your supplies, dishes, pots, pans, cookware, glasses, displays, bakeware, barware, Knives, Cleaning Supplies, serving trays, platters, flatware, Need I go on? All of these things add up quickly when you could be saving so much money! Times are tough these days and many restaurant, catering, and other small business owners are struggling to stay in business. It's for this reason that I've created this website in hopes that you will be able to cut back unnecessary expenses and put extra money in your pocket every month.

Key Point
You might expect to see big names like Sysco and The Restaurant Depot on this list, but the following companies have exceeded expectations. Every Restaurant and Kitchen Supplier reviewed here offers very competitive prices that our local suppliers could not beat or even match. Also, their inventory is substantial enough that you can purchase a wide variety of supplies on a regular basis and they will never be late or out of stock. It feels great when you find exactly what you are looking for.

Customer Service is a major factor in our decision to work with a supplier. Our experience with all of these companies has been no less than excellent and we have never had incorrect orders or charges. Even though these suppliers are online, they are easy to reach out to and only a phone call or email away.

Top 5 Best Restaurant Supply Sites - Comparisons

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shortorder buttonshortorder

Definitely the favorite. We order from them regularly and their prices can very rarely be beaten. Fast Shipping and excellent Customer Service.

Our top choice.

Best for Restaurant Equipment

Excellent Value!

We recommend shortOrder.com for big items at great prices.

9.7 / 10



cooking buttoncooking Cream

Cooking.com has a lot of exclusive products and during their big sales, they can't be beat..

Huge inventory/

Great for Smaller items especially

Watch for super discount sales

Large record of success since in the industry since 1998

9.5 / 10



mission kitchen buttonmission kitchen

The asbolute best for an easy shopping experience with top quality kitchen products and supplies Emphasis on High Quality

Best for Top Brands.

Free Shipping on anything over 29 dollars and additional discounts

9.0 / 10



resV buttonresV Pro

Kitchen Aid makes the best mixers, blenders, a lot of other restaurant supply equipment and they offer a great price at the source, their own website.

Check for Weekly Specials and pricing

Outlet Store

Kitchen Aid is the only brand to make our list and their outlet store is always supplied.

8.9 / 10


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For More about wholesale markets and how they apply to your restaurant. check out wikipedia


Last, Mr. Restaurant says

"In your search for cheaper and better supplies, be moving toward your new kitchen, not your old one."

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